'I'Sense Smart Cities Connected Lighting


What is 'I'Sense ? The ability to control your lighting remotely and connect to third party equipment placed on the highway !


Adjust lighting to suit task | Trimming | Part Night | Define Switching Levels | Full PECU control | Link to other highway sensors | Transmit Data.... and much more !


'I'Sense Highway Lighting control just became a lot more sophisticated with all your standard features AND MUCH MORE. With energy saving Bluetooth connection and Serial input 'I'Sense can be linked with other third party environmental monitoring devices or other control systems allowing expansion beyond that of existing static lighting control options all through it's dedicated mesh network. Simply  install within the lantern and control all lighting types whether Dali or not with many inbuilt monitoring features found in 'I'Sense it's self. Don't leave your lights in a DALI standby state truly turn them off with 'I'Sense's internal 10A switch...


...and should you need to access your lighting and equipment then do it from your Tablet Phone or PC in real time.


Move forward to 'I'Sense...