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ASK 'I'Sense "powerfully simple" just install the 'I'Sense Node within a light and that's it your good to go.


'I'Sense Nodes communicate over the 868Mhz frequency and when asked to communicate as a group they transfer of data as a mesh network. If you wish simply install an 'I'Sense GSM Collector and communicate with your lighting remotely.


'I'Sense nodes contain a photo sensor and the ability to operate just as a photocell so no dayburning when you install them. They are fully programmable and with many inbuilt sensors including DALI, power monitoring, Bluetooth and Serial port all securely configurable. With the ability for each 'I'Sense Node to work autonomously or through it's encoded software and controls to inhibit unauthorised use on large scale mesh networks.

Smart technology couples both the control of lighting with the ability to link with other sensory devices. Encompassing DALI Control, Power Monitoring, Real Time Clock, 10A load and Serial Interface for connecting third party devices.


Through their in built ability to learn their orientation and autonomously develop message routing tables enables data to be transferred at greater rates for use with environmental sensors and monitoring devices. Add value and future proofing you your lighting control system. Couple with the Ask AMS (Asset Management Software) and link with other CMS systems.